Erreur au lancement de fivem

Stickied Message:

If you’re having igd10iumd64.dll issues, there’s a known compatibility issue with certain laptops at this point. Please remain patient. We don’t have an affected laptop at this point, nor would remote access help with this issue. It might even be a bug in Intel drivers and how they work together with dual-GPU functionality in Optimus laptops.

To those going ‹ should’ve tested before ›, again we do not have weird NVIDIA laptops, nor does anyone in our internal testing group.

bonjour moi jai c probleme avec fivem si quelqun peux maide jai tout teste est rien ne marche

[Window Title] FiveM

[Main Instruction] FiveM has stopped working

[Content] An error caused FiveM to stop working. A crash report is being uploaded to the FiveM developers. Stack trace: 0x0 devtools-five.dll!StreamingProgress_Update (0xdb0) (StreamingProgress.cpp:224) devtools-five.dll!::operator() (0x10f) (StreamingProgress.cpp:260) devtools-five.dll!std::invoke (0x4) (type_traits:1478) devtools-five.dll!fwEvent<>::Connect::__l3::::operator() (0x8) (EventCore.h:299) devtools-five.dll!std::invoke (0x8) (type_traits:1478) devtools-five.dll!std::_Invoker_ret<bool,0>::_Call (0x8) (functional:660)

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jai desactiver lanti virus c pas sa jai desinstaller gta v et fivem 2x c pas sa et sa fait 3 j et je trouve rien