zikoz_location [ESX/NativeUI]

Nom de la ressource : zikoz_location
Version : V1
Github/Lien de Téléchargement : https://github.com/Zikoz66/zikoz_location

Hello, today I am sharing my vehicle rental resource made in full NativeUI reloaded.

The authors are:




You need to es_extended and essentialmode.

To install it:

start after es_extended and essentilmode. NativeUI is already included in.

If you want to change prices you have to go in the config.lua.

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Salut, tu as juste à créer plusieurs item et faire ta function pour faire spawn t’es véhicules prend exemple sur les autres véhicules.

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Oui, merci j’avais une erreur de " ( " …

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